When we started the Facebook group, the truth, not that we took a drive rather than join the “5 Geeks” (plus friends and family) we do this program … A few months later, fed this 2.0 application and profile of the program, also on Twitter, we are pleased to have exceeded 1,000 members in this particular space, which certainly is not ‘more’ than an extension of Open House to social networking 2.0. Thank you all!

Now, as befits every Wednesday, I spent at this post, the links that are paraded through the latter program. The first, of course, is the same issue.

We started looking at how the Internet has influenced / changed fashion … or the focus of the specialized media. Ariadna Ferret interviewed, who in his other life is 4,500 visitors a blog with daily updates up to 10 posts per day: fashion, backfire, currently under the filter trends, twitter celebritis and smokes. We were with her in the store Josep Font in Madrid, one of her favorite designers. Bet in favor of new talent, the designers highlighted Barcelona El Delgado Buil.

But it is clear that as far as it relates to bridges, not all are equal … Which follows is out, if anything, even more conventions more fashion … For her parade fat, skinny, bowlegged, tightrope walkers and butchers … and some are true “Top Model” … At the agency fits all, it is important to be original, authentic and fun …


Get inside do not stop at the fashion side, and we find us with couture designs within the field of body armor Unusual! But he certainly is emerging in the “fashion net” is Susan Boyle and more so since it was announced that in November released his first album to market … Amazon.con rubs his hands.

We do not know whether or is cool, but if you want a huge skeleton of the Jurassic in your home … and have pasta as you can. Microsiervos tracked and took us to WIRED magazine … There we discovered that since October we have our own T-REX … It has about 100 million years and is one of the most complete with more than 55 bones authentic. Currently on display in a museum in Chicago, the price is between 2 and 8 million dollars … Almost nothing.

We continue digging on the net and back to the music … Unearthed another treasure, especially for fans of Kurt Cobain that dinosaur called: An unreleased Nirvana live will go on sale next month of November … This is the concert given by the kings of grunge festival in Reading, UK, 1992 … The news coincides with the controversy arising from Cobain’s avatar in Guitar Hero 5

What would you like surfing, windsurfing or water skiing? We offer all in one: Kyte Surf and fly over the waves! Here are all links to news last night:

The guys who are now sliding, but cultural integration and greater solidarity rap … You are about to take place InterRAPcion the Fourth Edition of the International Hip Hop Festival by melting and solidarity between cultures … and to involve them, we have sent a video to show us where the funds have gone last year … a cultural project for young Candeal, Brazil (

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